The International Logistics Development Institute (ILDI) was established in 2011 under The Community Support Foundation Thailand (CSFT)

The objectives of ILDI:

•to co-operate, collaborate and to develop efficient logistics networks

•to promote cooperation and integration within the region and strengthen global partnerships

•to develop, formulate and recommend policies to GMS governments based on full understanding of regional logistics cooperation

•to promote trade, cross-border investments and technology transfer between regions.

•to provide the relevant training course to private, government agencies, NGO as well as logistics alliances in the GMS

The Alliances:

•Institute for Defense and Business, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

•Association for Economic Cooperation and Trade Promotion between Yunnan and Southeast        and South Asia

•Logistics Academy  from Japan

•Logistics Academy  from New Zealand

•Universities and Logistics Institutes in Thailand

Organization Structure of ILDI:

Advisory Board of Committee of the ILDI

1. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse  2. Gen. Montri Suppaporn

3. Dr. Suchat  Tada-thamrongvech   4. Gen. Chatri  Patanapan 

5. Dr. Vichien  Tachapaiboon   6. Mr. Paisarn  Panitchawong

7. Mr. Somchai  Kitichai 

8. Gen. Konecharnart  Chunnabhata

9. Mr. Sawat  Rutpithaksanthi 

10. Mr. Somchai  Sakulsurarat

11. Dr. Natee  Klibtong 

12. Mr. Chavalit Nimlaor

13. LTG. Manit  Boonprong 

14. Dr. Nattakit Na Chumporn

15. Maj.Gen.Dr. Chainarong Cherdchu  

16. Mr. Patcharadit Sinsawad

17. Mr. Thamrong Prakobboon 

18. Maj.Gen. Pairaj  Yuktavera 

20. Maj. Gen. Pongsakorn Rodchompu 

21. Ms. Pimpa Pitakamonpan 

22. Mr. Nipol  Thamphatanaporn 

23. Maj.Gen. Na-Pol   Kochakaew

Structure of ILDI:

Dr. Sahas  Banditkul  President

Dr. Pawat Tangtrongjita  Director

Dr. Vittaya Suharitdamrong  Head of Supply Chain   Management Dept.

Dr. Boonsub  Panichakarn  Head of Logistics   Development Dept.

Mr. Sirisak  Tepjit  Head of Research   Development Team.

The ILDI course:

1.   Logistics Management Responsive to  Disaster and Humanitarian Logistics   Management

Objective of the Course:

1) To convince the participants the importance of logistics management in immerging situation

2) To induce the Participants to apply knowledge from the course within responsible organization when disaster occurs

3) To disseminate logistics management knowledge in responding to disaster and assisting the disaster victims

4) To create network of relevant organizations to respond to disaster and assist the disaster victims, including prepare the victims to relieve the effect of the disaster

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